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EVERYDAY VALUE RATES! Affordable Budget Rooms in San Juan's Arts & Culture District - SANTURCE

605 Calle San Jorge
San Juan, PR 00909

Full Service Budget Hotel
in the Santurce Arts District

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Hotel San Jorge offer such cheap hotel rates?

We offer 'no frills' rooms that offer cheap hotel rates without being a 'cheap hotel'. The main reason is that our rooms are rather small, so we assume you'll be out exploring San Juan more than sitting in your room.

We don't have fancy furniture, artwork, appliances or designer style.

We do offer small but clean rooms with key-card entry, air conditioning, safe deposit box, phone, comfortable beds (acquired from a 4-star hotel that refurnished their rooms), extra pillows, ensuite bathroom with shower, flat screen TV (Direct TV including CNN, MSNBC & FOX News), daily maid service and luggage racks. Plus standard & family rooms have a mini-fridge!  

Not bad for such a cheap hotel rate! 

Are you a TRAVELER or a Tourist?

At Hotel San Jorge, we offer rooms that assume you'll be out exploring San Juan's history, beaches, nightlife, arts and cultures rather than sitting in your room all day. Our rooms are small but comfortable so you have a great place to sleep and more money to spend experiencing Puerto Rico!

Do you have refrigerators or microwaves?

Refrigerators are available in all standard and family rooms.  Budget rooms can use a community refrigerator in the lobby.

We have vending machines and microwaves available in the lobby at all hours.

Do you include breakfast?

Free coffee and tea area available in the lobby.

Our restaurant, Asia de Lima is not open for breakfast except for Sunday brunch, but there are several good options within a few blocks: Abracadabra, Café Sidibou, Comunion Coffee,  Boulevard Café are within 2 blocks. Libros AC, Lote 23 and the Food Court at Pueblo Supermarket at Ciudadela Condo Complex are all 3.5 blocks.
The front desk can help point you in the right direction.

What is the difference between Standard Rooms and BUDGET Rooms?

BUDGET rooms are a little smaller, have unusual configurations, or have very small bathrooms that are 'partitioned' from the sleeping area rather than a completely separate space. These rooms also do not have a mini-fridge, but you can use the community refrigerator in the lobby.  If you're traveling alone - these are a great choice! To book a budget room, please call the hotel directly at 787-727-1223.

Do you have security boxes?

The hotel has personal security boxes in every room. You can set your own combination when you arrive.

Do you provide parking?

Hotel San Jorge does not have a parking lot.  There is parking available on streets surrounding the hotel, but space may be tight during business hours.  There are secure parking lots at Cobian's Plaza, Ciudadela Condo Complex & San Jorge Children's Hospital which are no more than a 5-7 minute walk from the hotel. Street parking is fine for most people - but like any major city, never leave anything visible in the car which might tempt someone to smash and grab.

Why should I choose your location - it looks like I'll have to take a bus for many attractions?

San Juan is really a series of neighborhoods, so no one location is perfect for everyone.  We have much better public transportation than either the Condado or Isla Verde tourist areas where bus service is limited to Monday - Saturday.  We have bus service every day. We have great public transportation just outside our door and you save lots of money choosing our location and exploring San Juan by public transportation. Click here for bus guideWe also have a taxi company in the hotel building.  Uber's office is only 2 blocks from the hotel, so there are always drivers just a few minutes from the hotel.

How late do busses run?

Public busses and the Urban Train start at about 5:30 am and the last bus from Old San Juan leaves at about 11:00 pm. If you miss the last bus, a taxi will cost about $15 - $20 from Old San Juan. Uber is usually about $10 - but can be much more is you are stuck in traffic.  Try to get your UBER from Old San Juan in the area of Plaza Colon and the Tapia Theater so you avoid traffic jams in the old city.

How much does the bus and train cost?

Bus fare is 75 cents - exact change is required in coins - no paper bills accepted.

The Urban Train is $1.50 each way and you have to purchase a card at the machines outside the station.  Hang onto the ticket, you'll need it to exit the station and it also provides one free transfer to any public bus back to the hotel - take the T3 or T21 3 stops - you'll see the hotel on the left. You can also take the C35 or T9 2 stops - just after the gas station and La Casona Restaurant in front of the San Juan Children's Choir building.

Will I get lost?

The bus system is easy.  When you see the bus coming - wave at the driver so he knows you want him to stop.

T3 busses headed toward Old San Juan will travel with normal traffic along Ponce de Leon - pass the Condado Lagoon and then continue to Old San Juan and stop in the bus terminal. Just stay on til the end.

T21 Bus will go on Ponce de Leon and turn right Ave De Diego, past the Museum of Art and down the hill to Ashford Avenue.  It will then turn left through the Condado tourist area before continuing on into Old San Juan and the bus terminal.

When you reach the bus terminal, you can either walk up the hill past Banco Popular to Plaza Colon - or look for the free trolley that stops on the corner of the bus station. Old San Juan is only about 10 blocks square, so its easy to walk. The free trolly can be very slow - but is a good option if you have difficulty climbing hills.

No matter which bus you take coming home - you'll know you are close when you see the big orange ORIENTAL BANK sign on your left.  There are two more stops until you get off.  Your bus stop is just across from Leonardo's Tuxedo Shop.  We're just one block from this stop. If you miss the stop, you'll go past the hotel and get the next stop which is only a few minutes walk back to the hotel.

Click here for a guide to bus service for other areas of San Juan

Can I find a Taxi at the hotel?

Yes!  We have a taxi company located just outside our front door, so its always easy to arrange transportation. You can just ask the front desk clerk to call a taxi or contact AA American Taxi at or call (787) 982-3466.   If you plan to be out very late, it may be a good idea to print out this map to show the taxi driver on your way home. Click here to print out a map you can give to your taxi driver

What about UBER and ride sharing services?

UBER is very popular and reasonable - so its a great choice for getting around San Juan.  Their office is just 2 blocks from the hotel, so wait time is usually very short.  Due to local regulations - UBER CAN NOT PICK-UP AT THE AIRPORT, so you have to use a licensed taxi when you arrive.  However - you can use UBER for your trip back to the airport for your flight home.

Do I have to walk to the beach?

The best beach in San Juan is at Ocean Park - a low-rise area that is about a 15 minute walk on Calle San Jorge. Click here for a printable guide to walk to the beach.

You can also take the T3 or T21 Bus to the public beach at Escambrón - just pull the yellow cord when you go past the Condado Lagoon and the bus will stop at a large park near the Caribe Hilton.  Walk through the park and take the walkway over the road to the beach.  This is a favorite beach for families since there are showers, bathrooms, food stalls and an offshore reef that protects the beach from big waves or undertow.  Out past the reef, this is the area known as 'El Ocho' where surfers find the best waves in San Juan!

If you want to visit Condado beaches - take the T21 and it will go through the Condado tourist zone.  Best beaches here are by the Marriott (strong waves/undertow) or at the small public beach and snorkeling reef known as 'Playita del Condado' that is next to theCondado Plaza Hilton Hotel.

Click here for a guide for bus service to San Juan area beaches

Where is the closest Supermarket and Liquor Store?

The 24 hour PUEBLO supermarket is just 3.5 blocks from the hotel.  Just go to Ponce de Leon Avenue, take a left and go past 3 traffic lights.  You'll see the plaza for the Cuidadela condo complex on the right.  Just walk to the back of the plaza and you'll see Pueblo Supermarket. You can buy beer and wine from the shelf, but you will have to ask the cashier for any liquors (see display case after cashiers.Pueblo also has a pharmacy and a food court - but they each close about 7 pm.

There is also a 24 hour mini-mart at the gas station one block from the hotel.  When leaving the hotel, go down the hill to the left past La Casona restaurant and then turn left at Fernandez Juncos Avenue.  You'll see the gas station across the street. Its a little more expensive than the supermarket, but closer if you just need a few things including cigarettes, beer and some liquors.

There is a 24-hour CVS near the Tren Urbano - about a 10 min walk down Ponce de Leon.

Are there restaurants nearby?

Asia de Lima is located in the hotel building, but you have to go outside and around the corner. We have copies of their menus at our front desk.

For other restaurants, go to Ponce de Leon and take a left.  Walk until you see Abracadabra, our local hipster cafe.

One more block and you'll find the La Nueva Escalera for Dominican specialties and then Communion Café coffee shop, Café Sidibou for Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisine and Boulevard Café.  

Calle del Parque has Café del Parque for local food, Puerto Callao for Peruvian/Puerto Rican and Cubanrican Café - just turn left at the Arriví Theater.  Turn right at the same corner for Manolo's, Cultiva, Selfies Tapas Bar and Red Buddha Pizza.

The next block has Café Mas, Espresso Café and San Juan's hottest restaurant scene at LOTE 23 - food truck court with 15 food trucks/stands. Across the street at the Ciudadela condo complex you have Yolo Restaurant and The Village Food Court at the Pueblo Supermarket. 

Further down Ponce de Leon you'll pass Libros AC bar and Bistro, Naturalismo health food store with cafeteria, Yummy Yummy, Subway and Sabao bakery/coffee shop.

If you turn right on Ave de Diego you'll find  celebrity chef José Mendín's PB Ysla, Hacianda San Pedro coffee shop, Basico Healthy Kitchen, Pals Ice Cream, Al Chile Mexican Restaurant, Tutto Bene Pizza/Italian Restaurant, Bistro de Paris and El Mason - local sandwich and coffee shop.

Lots of options at all price ranges, so you'll never go hungry!

Note: we also have one of San Juan's high-end Spanish restaurants La Casona just next door which is very popular for large formal dinners, banquets and weddings. Please check the menu/prices first. It is very nice, but your dinner may cost more than your hotel room.

It is also an easy walk down Calle San Jorge to the hip, bohemian area of Loiza street with lots of new restaurants, shops and nightlife.  Just go out our front door and walk up the hill to San Mateo Church and then down the hill past San Jorge Children's Hospital to Calle Loiza. Its about a 15 minute walk and turn right at the gas station on Calle Loiza.  The scene is constantly changing - so explore and enjoy!

How do I get to Plaza Las Americas - the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean?

You can take public transportation to the mall - but its complicated and requires multiple bus/train combinations and fares.  The best choice for Plaza las Americas is UBER or Taxi.

How do I get to the new Mall of San Juan?

You can take public transportation to the mall - but its complicated and requires multiple bus/train combinations and fares.  The best choice for Plaza las Americas is UBER or Taxi.

Are your beds comfortable?

Even though our prices are low - we know that the most important part of a hotel is your bed.  We use the same brand of mattress as many upscale hotels - so you will get a good night's sleep. If you find any of our beds uncomfortable - please let us know at the front desk so we can upgrade or replace the mattress.

Do you offer maid service?

We offer maid service every morning.  If you plan to sleep late - let the front desk know the night before so we notify the maid not to wake you up.  If you miss maid service, you can always request fresh towels at the front desk.

How extensive is your Cable TV selection?

We have DIRECT TV in every room and the lobby including major news networks such as CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, CNBC and CNN en Español.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

We have a newly installed 'state-of-the-art' wi-fi system throughout the hotel.  High-speed internet is FREE in all rooms, lobby and garden patio.  If you need lots of capacity for lots of streaming videos or large uploads - we offer broadband service at a daily surcharge.

Ask for your password at the front desk. If you need broadband service, the front desk will sell you a card with a special password that is good for 24 hours after your first login with the broadband password.

Note: to receive your login screen, go to your home page or 'reload' your page.

What if I don't bring my computer?

We have a public computer in the lobby with internet access. Please limit use to 15 minutes if there are others waiting to use the computer.

Can I safely walk to nightclubs from the hotel?

Like any major city - it is best to be aware of your surroundings at night and not show any expensive jewelry, watches, cameras, etc. Our Santurce neighborhood can be very quiet at night, but we have never had problems with guests going out at night.

Is there Nightlife nearby?

In the same building as our hotel, there is a small gay club - Zal si Puedes (Escape if you can) with drag queens on weekends. Closed Monday.

2 blocks to La Terrazza de Bonanza - with typical 'Bomba' music on Monday nights but open every night.

2.5 blocks to La Nueva Escalera restaurant and club.

3 blocks to  Babylon Club! This is a men-only gay club. Closed Monday & Tuesday..

4 blocks brings you to the leading arts club - La Respuesta has a special party on Monday nights and different performances throughout the weekend.

4 blocks also brings you to LOTE 23 Food Trucks that has entertainment on some nights.  Closed Monday.

5 blocks finds Santos Disco on De Diego Ave. Upstairs at Santos is a women's bar Thursday-Sunday evenings until midnight (entrance on Ponce de Leon).  Tia Maria gay bar has karaoke on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights.  

Follow the large lizzard mural by the Fine Arts Center to Fernandez Juncos Ave and turn right to find 'El Local' alternate music club.

Just past the Fine Arts Center is EPIC Disco in an old converted theater and THE A LOUNGE for hip-hop and raeggeton.

Calle Loiza has lots of small clubs and bars - about a 15 minute walk north on Calle San Jorge until the gas station at Calle Loiza.

You can also walk or just on the bus to 'Plaza del Mercado' for lots of music, bars and restaurants Wed-Sun nights.
LA PLACITA has 20-30 bars, restaurants, clubs and street party, so make sure to check it out!

 Are you Gay-Friendly?

YES! We have one of San Juan's smallest, but friendliest gay bars located in the same building as the hotel.  Zal Si Puedes is local slang for 'Escape if you can' and you'll understand on weekend nights when the 14-seat bar is packed with up to 50 people enjoying some of San Juan's best drag queens performing Latina Divas with some Barbara Strisand and Donna Summers thrown in for good measure.

2 blocks around the corner on Fernandez Juncos Avenue is Xteamworks, open every night from 6pm.

We're just 3 short blocks to the largest gay disco - Temptation, open every night from 10pm and Fridays from 5pm.

We're also a 7-10 minute walk from Tia Maria and  Martha Moreno's The Club. Other bars and clubs are further down Ponce de Leon - so its a 15-20 minute walk or just jump on the bus at the corner for SX, VIP, Scandalo or Circo on Calle Condado.

There is a good map at San Juan Gay Guide - we're in the same location as Zal Si Puedes at Stop 24.


605 Calle San Jorge, San Juan, PR 00909


787-727-7177 - fax

Hotel San Jorge no longer offers hostel rates for shared dorm rooms or shared bathrooms - click here for other hostels