Artist in Residence @ San Jorge

Mongolian Maestro Baartajav Eden Tsogt performs Epic Mongolian Songs @ Hotel San Jorge

Artist in Residence @ Hotel/Hostel San Jorge

Do you want to join our Artist in Residence program?

During the summer months, Hotel San Jorge hosts our ‘Artist in Residence’ program.  From April – October,  we offer complementary accommodations to artists who have an interesting proposal and agree to share their talent with hotel guests through a special performance, workshop, exhibition, etc.

Our latest artist in residence was Baartajav Eden Tsogt who is a master of traditional Mongolian epic songs. He was in San Juan to give workshops/concert at the Museum of Contemporary Art, plus gave a special concert in the lobby of Hotel San Jorge.

P1010845Our first Artist – Matthew Reid chose to do a mural on the wall of our hang-out area of The Hostel @ San Jorge. He also ventured out into the community and contributed art to walls in our Santurce neighborhood.

Our program is not limited to graphic artists – it could be anything creative as long as it involves some activity at the hotel – performance, seminar, workshop, as well as murals, door art, work to display in rooms or other concepts.  We also like proposals that will include the local community as well as the hotel & hostel.

Send any proposals to – along with a link to your resume, portfolio, Facebook page. etc.

Hotel stays can range from one night to one week or more depending on the proposal.  Accommodations will be single or double occupancy in the hostel or hotel depending on the project and availability. If you have a group or crew, we have some weeks where we can accommodate larger groups in the hostel dorms.